30 September 2007

where to begin

Seriously, no idea.

Uhh... go buy a book. Back? Okay, good, let's continue.

The Packers beat the Vikings today, which means that the Pack are 4-0 and also that they beat the fucking Vikings, so, you know, awesome. Favre beat Dan Marino's all-time touchdown record in the first quarter. I teared up a little; my first memory of the Packers is being so angry that some dude I'd never heard of was replacing Don Majkowski. I totally loved Don Majkowski. Anyway, the game was awesome and the Packers are undefeated and clearly I was meant to move back to Wisconsin.

I think I'm finally getting over my cold. The coughing is only sporadic, which should help me at work tomorrow. Not the bookstore, other work. I signed a confidentiality agreement, and they keep telling us how every single thing that happens is covered by it, so I'll play it safe and just say that being able to talk without coughing is going to be advantageous. As for the bookstore, a.k.a. The Work That Isn't Really Work, I get to take pictures of books that we're selling on eBay. I'm getting paid to take pictures of books! I really wanted to go into the store today, but as this is my first day off in a week, I figured I'd regret it. Probably.

I bought a weekly bus pass for the first time since I moved here. I actually need it now that I leave the house. Granted, I've mostly been leaving the house for work lately, but now that I'm not coughing all the time and scaring people around me, I might see about getting some friends. Maybe go see a show. There are so many options, what with my bus pass and all.

24 September 2007

hey guess what

Remember this?


I have a new life goal: working at a bookstore. OH WAIT, I DO. HAHA, LIFE, I WIN!

Go buy some books; I listed all of the books that are on the front page right now. I recommend this book if you're looking for something to buy for me (make sure to buy it from downtownbooks-milw). On a related note, it's going to be really hard not to spend my entire paycheck on books. Apparently, there's an employee discount.

19 September 2007


I have internet at my house. Perfect timing, as I leave for the Megabus to Minneapolis in 20 minutes. I'll be up north until Sunday, and I start at both jobs on Monday. This week is pretty awesome.

16 September 2007

fuck you, new york!

Packers won, Packers won, hahahahahaha!

The Packers are 2-0, and they beat the Giants! I love New York, but I loathe New York sports teams.

(Also, a month after I broke down and started smoking again, I am getting a cold. Send echinacea; I have the Vitamin C covered.)

13 September 2007


I'm in Milwaukee. I have been busy and without internet inside my house, but I am here. Many stories will follow, probably after Time Warner finally installs internet on the 19th, nearly a month after we called them. For now, you should know that I'm more happy than I've been in months (years?) and my house is awesome and my room is amazing and pretty clean right now, if you don't count the boxes full of things with no place to go because I have almost no furniture. I sort of feel like an adult right now, which is weird and sort of unpleasant but also kind of nice.

Also, I'm a tiny bit drunk. How clich├ęd, getting drunk and posting to my "blog."