30 July 2007

i am so pretentious

So last week, I finally switched my Netflix subscription from my parents' credit card to my own (sorry Mom+Dad, I'm only a year or so late!), and I realized that if I'm gonna have to pay for this with my own hard-earned (maybe just 'earned') cash, I should actually, like, watch movies and return them and get more movies and stuff. Maybe this is what Mom+Dad meant by "learning the value of money"?

Anyway! I am horribly pretentious, and Nathan has been talking about foreign movies, like, NON-STOP*, so I was all "I should watch me some foreign movies," but I haven't really been watching movies for the past year or two, so I kind of drew a blank when it came to choosing actual movies. I stared at my queue for awhile, reordered it a little (read: put all the "Real World You Never Saw" DVDs at the bottom, I mean, deleted them, I mean, never had them in my queue to begin with!), and then just added Godard's entire oeuvre, because that is how I do.

The point of all this? I am apparently going to be watching this movie tomorrow/Wednesday before work. Exciting?

*apparently not too pretentious to say AND write "like" CONSTANTLY.

more more more

Have you heard of virb.com? It's like MySpace for adults.

Guess what? It has a way better music player than MySpace, and if you go here, you can listen to Dear Astronaut's entire Dark Forest ep and also probably other albums that don't thank me in the liner notes.

Let's all listen to Dear Astronaut!

29 July 2007

just because

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Guess who's going on tour?

Jeb posted 'The Dark Forest' on their MySpace page, so even if you can't go to a show, you should go listen to that song because it is awesome and will blow your mind with the awesomeness. Especially if you've known Jeb for at least twenty years and used to go over to his house and like play in this huge sandpit (?) and you had to walk through a field and under a barbed wire fence to get to the sandpit and once you cut your back on the barbed wire and now you and your cousin are adults or something and your cousin is like playing rock songs and stuff and they're actually good and wtf, right?

28 July 2007


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More Flickr Fun!

This is possibly my favorite statue in the city.

25 July 2007


I'm generally proud of Wisconsin politicians. There are a few exceptions; Joe McCarthy is the obvious choice, and Jim Sensenbrenner is a more recent example. For now, at least. I really, really hope one of them wins, because Jim Sensenbrenner is a total douchebag.

24 July 2007

labeling inspiration

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Taken at the Last Word Bookshop when I was in Philadelphia on St. Patrick's Day. (Not the best day to visit Philadelphia, in case you were wondering.) If (when) I start my own bookstore, this picture will be the model for my own organizational system. Unless I learn something better in library school.

I'm organizing my Flickr account, so maybe I'll post more photos I meant to post ages ago. Or maybe not; have I mentioned my short attention span?

22 July 2007

i hate thinking of titles

1. I made Tofu Tikka Masala tonight, and it was actually sort of good. Seriously, I sort of enjoyed eating tofu. Weird.

2. What is with this fucking numbered list thing? Oh, that's right, I can't pay attention to anything long enough to come up with a coherent transition between thoughts.

3. Dogma was better than I expected and surprisingly deep for a Kevin Smith movie.

4. Packing sucks. Which is weird, because the Packers are so awesome.

5. Haha I made a funny!

6. Not that I did that much packing today; mostly it was throwing things away in preparation for packing later.

7. Things are happening behind the scenes, and I can't really talk about it, but said things seem to be looking up, sort of kind of maybe.

8. Is it just me or is it getting really annoying that 90% of what I talk about here is how I can't talk about anything here? Perhaps I need to rethink this whole blog.

9. Time to watch Kill Bill II!!!

movie reviews

Kill Bill I is awesome.

Želary is sad and beautiful. And awesome.

(Related: I figured out how to do Czech accent marks without changing my keyboard layout to Czech. Smažený sýr! čtyři! předkrm!)

21 July 2007

genuine class

(earlier tonight, at Harlem Vintage)

I wander around for at least 20 minutes, finally picking two of the cheapest wines on display.

marina: [puts two bottles of wine on counter]
sales girl: Oh, are you going to a party tonight?
marina: [sadly shakes her head]


The subway stopped at 47-50 Streets/Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock). A girl got on, dressed in a white flouncy skirt and a blue polo shirt. "Gross eew preppy," I thought to myself. Then I realized I was wearing a blue flouncy skirt and a pink polo shirt. Gross eew preppy, indeed.

18 July 2007

not this again

All right, I am just sick of this. Sick of what, you ask? Keep up! Everything, duh.

No, seriously, I am not actually sick of everything, I am just hella frustrated. Hella? Hella. I have to write an essay convincing UW-Milwaukee that they should let me into their lovely History/Library Science coordinated master's degree program. (Is it "master's" or "masters"? I should know that, shouldn't I?) I have written at least eight or nine pages of words about how much I want to go to UWM and learn about History/Library Science, most of which boils down to "I went to NYU, I'm so smart, magna cum laude, let me go to your school!!!" If only I could just write that, but no, I have to write one to two pages about why I want to go there, one to two pages that will prove to them I'll be a good student and graduate and later give them money and make them look good. (I assume the "give them money" part is less of an issue than it was at NYU, but I think that's true for any and every other school. It's hard to be more blatantly greedy than NYU.) I am determined to finish my application and send everything in by the end of the week, mostly so that I can stop worrying about moving to Milwaukee without a job or acceptance into a school or any legitimate reason beyond missing Wisconsin and being sick of the city.

(What is with all the parantheses?)

Whatever. Everything will work out, probably. I am legitimately sad to leave my job and all my lovely coworkers, but other than that, everything is coming up Milhouse. I'm taking the train back to Wisconsin. The train! It's going to be so awesome.

16 July 2007

oh that's right, i have a blog

I'm heading to the Frick in a few minutes, so this will be short and quick (and shocking!).

I gave notice at my job; my last day is August 3.

I'm going to Argentina, Buenos Aires specifically, from August 8-August 20.

I'm moving to Milwaukee at the end of August; I'm driving home, leaving sometime August 31. Hopefully fairly early in the morning.

(Oh, and I'm applying to a History/Library Science dual degree program at UW-Milwaukee.)

Yeah. Everything in my life is going to change.

Off to the museum!

05 July 2007

title here

1. Tonight, I got home from work, put on my pajamas, and sat down at the ol' laptop to catch up on the internets. Oh, and I bought a 22oz of Sierra Nevada and some salt & vinegar Pringles on the way to the subway. So, uh, that's what I'll be doing until I pass out from exhaustion. I know what you're thinking, and no, I do not know how it's possible that I am this sexy.

2. Oh, I was out of town last week. Did I mention that was going to happen? I went home for my birthday (also the Fourth of July, I guess). I am now officially 23; I would be freaking out about that if I wasn't so exhausted from all the fun. (I think I might also still be a little hungover, even though I didn't drink at all yesterday.) (Okay, I had one beer, which is basically nothing, comparatively.)

3. In case you were wondering, I had an awesome time at home, just amazing. I don't know how it could have been better. Maybe if I had been there longer? There were a few people that I barely got to see, but I'll see them again soon, so it's okay. There were good things and not-as-good things, but it all balanced out into this perfect week-long vacation. I got to see so many people that I love, and I will probably be less vague tomorrow after I get a solid eight hours of sleep, but trust me, there were fun times a-plenty.

4. Related to the previous point--Wisconsin is so beautiful that it kind of makes me want to cry. And, um, I'm sort of serious... gross.

5. All of those things I've been putting off since May? I'm really going to have to actually do them this month. Boo.

6. Seriously, what an awesome fucking vacation I just had. I love Wisconsin, and I can't wait to go back.