24 February 2007

exceptionalism is bad!

I've been listening to PJ Harvey today, which I should really do more often. "The Desperate Kingdom of Love" is such a perfect melancholy song; you should go listen to it right now.

I started reading a book on the subway today, and by the end of the introduction, I knew that it was going to change my life. It's called A Nation Among Nations: America's Place in World History, and I think it's going to be the book around which I organize my academic career. Thomas Bender is a fucking genius.


I was on the subway heading towards the Cloisters, which is still my favorite place in New York. The Treasury has finally been reopened; I saw it for the first time today. I know it's cheesy or whatever, but whenever I go to the Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, I feel like I can breathe, like I can think clearly. For some reason, maybe because the park reminds me strongly of Prague, it's so easy to think about what I want to do with my life, where I want to go from here.


In conclusion, there was a homeless dude smoking a blunt on the subway a few nights ago. I have never seen someone enjoy smoking that much. He was smoking for at least five or six stops, he was laying back, smiling and laughing, and when he got up to move to a different car, he stopped on the platform between cars, and holding the door open, he sang-screamed "I feel good! I knew that I would!" and you guys? I believed him.

14 February 2007

listen to this RIGHT NOW

You guys, this is just genius. Listen to "Theme" NOW. Do it.

Also, you've listened to "War Song" right? Right?

13 February 2007


How to write about snow in New York without sounding cheesy?

(a) All of these fuckers are scared of a little snow; last I heard, this "snowstorm" was going to leave six inches of snow. Six inches is nothing! In Wisconsin, we don't notice anything under a foot. Fucking pussies.

(b) I'm pretty sure I'm going to slip and fall on my ass at some point, maybe even while sober!

(c) I wonder if this means I don't have to go to my internship tomorrow morning?

(d) Tonight, on my break, I walked around for half an hour in the snow, and I felt calmer and happier than I have in days.

Woops, that last one was cheesy! Kill me now!

12 February 2007

sometimes it feels like your heart is going to explode

I am so very ashamed of myself right now. I spent eight years in gymnastics and four years in hockey (and a few unmemorable years in Junior High track and also volleyball) and right now, my stomach muscles are screaming with pain because I did like twenty situps on one of those stupid stability ball things. I make myself sad.

Also, how can I make it so my hair isn't so fucking staticky? There are all these tiny strands of hair in my face ALL THE TIME and it's driving me crazy.

11 February 2007

surprise surprise


I wanted to hate Williamsburg, and I still do out of principle, but among the hate, there is massive love for the Salvation Army right by the Bedford Ave L Stop, the other thrift store with the vintage polo shirts and awesome belts, and of course, the prettiest little bookstore in the world.

I really, really want to go back to that bookstore. And I really, really want to convince my parents to open a bookstore just like it.

09 February 2007



First, have you listened to War Song yet? If not, why the fuck not?

(Sidenote! War Song and and dearastronaut.com are currently hosted by yours truly, and if you would like your songs/photos/whatevers hosted for cheap leave a comment or email me. I have a new web hosting account and insane amounts of storage space, some of which could be yours for a low, low price!)

(Double sidenote!! Soon, i.e. whenever I have the time, I'm moving this "blog" over to my new domain and transferring it to either MovableType or WordPress. That means a totally new and original design for you to look forward to (try not to wet yourself with excitement!) and also it additionally means that if you have experience, good or bad, with either MovableType or WordPress, you should leave a comment and tell me which one is better.)

All right, in all that excitement, I totally forgot what I even wanted to talk about. I've been at the library for 2.5 hours, and I think it's time for a break.

08 February 2007


Exciting news! The best band in the universe (Dear Astronaut, duh) has a song up at Living with War Today. It's called "War Song," and it is more awesome than you could ever imagine. Go check it out! Listen at least a million times! Go! Go now!!!


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