30 April 2006


I swear that I'm going to take this whole website thing seriously. It will just have to wait until May 16 or so, after graduation and graduation parties and spending time with my parents in the city and moving my stuff to the new apartment and flying home. After I've done all that, I'll have time, I swear. Right now, I'm too busy with random punk shows in Red Hook with my Canadian friends and visiting other friends in Ridgewood and looking for jobs and cleaning and packing and sleeping. Oh, and studying for the finals. That's really the big thing, but I'm trying not to think about that. I can't get freaked out about it if I only think aboout the studying while the studying is actually happening.

If that makes sense. I slept on the floor of a hotel last night after watching a German punk band and losing my hearing in my right ear, so everything is sort of confusing right now.

Or something.

27 April 2006

some things should not be organic

never eat organic marshmellows.

in other news, i'll be a college graduate in... a week and a half, or so. i'm done with my last final on may 8th. i will be drunk from may 8th until... june, probably.

21 April 2006

mystery balls

mystery balls
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reason #348 that kira and i are friends: last night, we were walking through the east village, looking for a bar, and i was telling a story, and i said "balls" for some entirely legitimate reason. and we both stopped and laughed. if you don't stop and giggle when someone says balls (or poo or boobs, etc), then we probably wouldn't get along.

19 April 2006

sunset at the sutro baths

sunset at the sutro baths
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I finally finished my paper. I bought a suit for my interview. I'm feeling pretty good about my interview. I'm going to a panel discussion at an Indian Cinema conference tomorrow morning. I'm not doing any schoolwork tomorrow night. Life is good.

18 April 2006

i want to stay at the sea captain's motel

sea captain's motel
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I have absolutely no attention span. I want so badly to concentrate on this paper, but I can't seem to make myself do it. School is almost over, and even though I know I'm going to miss it desperately, I really just want it to be over.

I want to have time to read All I Did Was Ask and Rise to Globalism and Cold War Triumphalism and Arabian Jazz and aboout six other books that have been sitting on my shelves, mocking me, for months now.

I want to have time to hang out with my friends without papers and exams hanging over our heads.

I want to be a college graduate.

I want to go camping at Sonia's park on the weekends.

I want to go to work and then meet Kira or James for happy hour.

I want to have time to work on writing. I reallly want to have time to actually use the soldering tool my dad bought me for Christmas.

I want to have more time to explore New York and take pictures.

I want to finish my last exam so I can hang out with my family in the city, worry free.

I want to finish this paper so I can go to sleep.

16 April 2006


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last night i had a dream that i rescued lucy from a pile of snow. you know when the top of the snow gets all hard and crunchy? i had to break through that and resuce poor lucy, and she was completely covered in snow, and i felt so bad that she was trapped. what does that mean?

lessons, continued

More Things I've Learned This Weekend

I talk a lot when I'm nervous.

I suck at first dates. Meeting new people makes me nervous, so I talk a lot, and if the boy in question is actually interesting, I talk so much that he gets scared and runs away.

Oh yeah, that's right--boys run away from me. I don't know why. It wasn't always that way, but at some point in the past month, I started scaring the boys.

Abram is leaving. All of those weekends when I was busy with homework or too broke to pay $25 to take the train to see him? Stupid, stupid decisions. Should've just visited him, because now he's moving to San Diego, and I'll have to save up hundreds of dollars to take the JetBlue to see him. Fuck.

No matter how much homework I do, I'm still totally fucked when it gets to finals. The next two or three weeks are going to consist entirely of studying and writing papers and if I have any time, applying for jobs at NYU and Columbia.

I need a job.

Abram is moving. Dammit.

15 April 2006

i miss the saturn cafe

bold signs, saturn cafe.
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it's all vegetarian there, so you can't make a mistake when you're drunk and tired and forget to change the little menu option on delivery.com to "tofu" instead of "beef" and then decide when the beef pad thai gets here that maybe you were wrong, that it's not really the beef that makes you vomit-y so you have a few pieces of beef and then soon you finally decide to go to sleep and you do and then you wake up a few hours later and lay in bed, trying not to move and upset your stomache further, and you wish you had paid more attention to delivery.com and you really wish you had the saturn cafe so you could go there and never accidentally order beef, no matter how drunk and exhausted you might be.

or something.

14 April 2006

think before you speak

bad timing
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or in the case at right, before you name your restaurant.

i went to the employment agency; it did not go well. i really don't care though, as i'm proud that i even made it. i was writing until 2am and waiting for the coffee to wear off so i could sleep until 3:30 or 4am, so waking up at 8am was a huge accomplishment.

also, at the employment agency, i proved that i know how to use microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint, and i learned i type 77 words per minute. also, even if i'm tired, i have to remember to (a) bring a resume and (b) take out the ol' lip ring. my super bitchy employment agent (or maybe they're called counselors. in fact, i hope they are, because that makes me laugh. but most things do right now.) suggested that i "write these things down so i won't forget." i hate her so bad. so, most important lesson--try a lot harder to get a job at nyu or columbia, because corporate america blows.

also today, i saw a lot of american paintings at the met and decided that most american painters suck ass. after that, i finished editing my media representation paper, typed a works cited page, printed out copies of most of the articles i cited, and ran to the anthro department to hand it in 10 minutes before the office closed.

i want to go see hammarkatz perform tonight at kimmel, but the shows are at 9pm and 11pm, and i don't know if i'll stay awake that long. i don't know how i'm still awake now.

next time: capitalization and maybe an entry that has an actual point.

13 April 2006


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i have some pictures from my semester abroad posted at my flickr site. you know, if you're into that kind of thing.

this one is one of that statues at the communist statue park in budapest, which was even awesomer than it sounds.

yes, awesomer is a word.

10 April 2006

responsibility is for suckers

I've remembered and then forgotten to post this twice.

...wait a second... fuck...

forgot it again.

Oh! Yesterday, I stopped at my deli while walking home from studying on campus. I decided I needed something sweet and that I deserved a reward for all that studying. I left with a bottle of pineapple-orange-banana juice. I talked myself out of ice cream (Ben&Jerry's has a new flavor called Neopolitan Dynamite--it's basically Cherry Garcia with brownies, and I want it desperately) and bought juice. As a reward. And I was happy about the juice! I was excited to go home and drink my juice and maybe study a little more!

And tonight, I got home from studying, and instead of eating the chocolate Rice Krispy bar that I bought for lunch, I decided to have tea and go to sleep. If I eat the Rice Krispy bar, I'll get a sugar rush and be up all night! Much better to drink tea instead.

I don't know, it's all making me feel very old and responsible and boring, and I don't know how I feel about that.

tree hugger

tree hugger
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i miss nature.

08 April 2006


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ever heard of an ossuary?

today is going to be studying and trying to avoid walking outside in the rain.

i think i might need new shoes. i bought my red shoes last march, and i've worn them almost every day since then. yesterday they gave me a blister on my heel. that's fucked up. someone give me $40 so i can buy some new shoes.

07 April 2006

i miss big sur

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but it stopped raining, so i'm going to go enjoy the sun while it lasts.

05 April 2006

i can't even take it

i can't even take it
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is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

we went to the zoo on sunday. getting there was ridiculous, but once we were there, larry the polar bear and the gorillas totally made up for it.