20 October 2008

what is going on around me

You know, haven't we all agreed, collectively, as a society, that we're going to pretend we aren't assholes? I mean, isn't that what society is? Pretending you aren't a total asshole? I pretend that I don't hate stupid people, you know? I pretend that I'm not a pretentious douchebag elitist, you pretend you don't see through me, right? And yet, people are willing to say on camera this completely racist bullshit about Obama? I mean, since when is it okay to be racist, much less openly racist? What the fuck, you're going to admit to You Tube and your mother that you're an ignorant, racist douchebag? What is going on? I thought we were at that point in this country's history where there's still all this terrible ingrained, institutionalized racism, but at least no one will admit they're scared of young black men and all them job-stealing Mexicans or whatever, because they know fundamentally that they're wrong, you know? Or they at least know they should be ashamed of thinking it. And don't even get me started with that "Obama is a Muslim" bullshit, like (a) no and (b) since when is that a bad thing? Jesus Fucking Christ, what is wrong with you people?

07 October 2008

I am exhausted

but I do not feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. It's all about the small victories.

In other news you can use, Sarah Palin is a fucking moron. In case you hadn't heard. What else? Oh, apparently there are rumors Putin is going to marry a Russian rhythmic gymnast half his age, except he hasn't announced a separation (much less a divorce) from his current wife. Hilarious! Also, I bought a table and 4 matching chairs from Ikea for $129. Score! Nathan said he'd put them together for me today, after he goes grocery shopping, so I'll be eating dinner at a table tonight. Double score!

In conclusion, never ever rent a car from Budget car rental. Ever.

01 October 2008


Holy shit, the past five days have been a fuck. I feel like I just ran a marathon.