22 December 2006

space rock

Almost time to leave for the bus to the airport. I love taking buses at 5am. I'm probably leaving way too early for an 8am flight, but if I wait any longer, I'm definitely going to fall asleep. I can't believe I managed to stay up this long. I watched a million episodes of Daria on YouTube and drank a 24oz (drinking a 40oz=immediately falling asleep) and actually did a fairly non-spastic job of packing, and now it is time for me to do the thing where I leave for the airport, but obviously first it was time for me to do the thing where I write a post that illustrates just how half-awake I am. Happy holidays everyone. I'll be trapped in the land of dial-up for 12 days, so you may not hear from me for awhile.

20 December 2006

neighborhood happenings

Yesterday: I arrive home at approximately 1am, find the locks on both doors into the apartment building have been jammed with toilet paper. I manage to pry free the TP on the first door, give up on the second.

Tonight: I walk out of the subway around 12:20am (early night!), see the aftermath of a car crash. One car in the middle of the road, one car halfway through a chain-link fence, four cop cars and eleven or twelve cops standing around.

The two events are probably unrelated.

Also, when is the city going to put out rat poison? The rats are running free on the streets; I saw one run from the street into that little park at West 4th and Sixth Ave, holding part of a roll in its diseased little mouth. It was adorably gross and disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, trimming your fingernails in public IS NOT OKAY. It is not okay on the subway, it is not okay on the street, it is not okay anywhere outside of your bathroom. When I am on the D train to work, I am already annoyed that I'm on the D train (makes at least one more stop than the A train) and that I'm on the way to work. Watching and listening to you cut your nails pushes me from "annoyed" to "violent," and I refuse to believe I'm the only one.

19 December 2006

the future is now

Hey, guess what, you can post to Blogger from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Haha, I almost typed Cocs! Hilarious.

I finished Crime and Punishment this morning. It was good, obviously, and I'm glad I finished it after I gave up on The Idiot halfway through, but I feel like I just finished a marathon. A confusing marathon where you know everyone else is getting so much more out of the marathon than you, but you really want to pretend you get the marathon, and sort of you do, maybe one or two parts of it, but you know even after finishing the marathon the first time, you're going to need to read it at least one or two more times before you'll have a real understanding of what Dostoevsky is trying to say. Something like that.

The seventh season of South Park is sort of annoying because there's too much political shit, but the Jennifer Lopez episode is still fucking awesome, even though I watched it for the first time with this douchebag I used to be friends with, back in the day. What a fucking pendejo.

In conclusion, I made a necklace today.

18 December 2006

fucking whatever

These two guys from work figured out I have a blog, so now I'm all
paranoid about writing this, because I have to work with those people,
you know? If they think this is lame, they'll totally lose all respect
for me, which would be, like, a lot of respect because I am awesome
and say "like" constantly, not only in casual conversation but in
writing too. What's not to respect?

Whatever. Today I figured out that I can still use my webspace at NYU,
which means I have 50mb of storage and unlimited bandwith, so I will
soon rule the fucking internet! Seriously though, I have all of this
drive and motivation to practice web design shit, but the problem is I
have no real desire to make a webpage of my own. Like... what the fuck
do people put on their webpages? I can barely handle the fact that I
have a blog; what the hell am I going to put on a whole webpage? I
guess I could do photos or something, but I mean, no one cares, right?
Surprisingly, I think I'm not quite self-absorbed to do this whole "my
own website" thing. Wait, no, I am, I just haven't quite gotten over
the embarrassment caused by being exactly like all of the people I
hate. Oh god, I hate myself! And yet I love myself... what a fucking

Whatever. If you or anyone you know needs a webpage, leave a damn
comment. I'll make you one for free, and I can pretty much guarantee
it won't suck. I mean, it might at first, but I'll totally keep fixing
it until it stops sucking. Maybe I'll even keep going and make it
awesome! Awesome's gonna cost you, though.

10 December 2006

two weeks until i go home again

I am currently geeking out over the following:

1. medieval research with the coolest history professor in the world.

(look! you can buy her book!)

2. setting up my own website

(can anyone recommend a good place to host my site? i'd prefer somewhere independent; i found this place that seems cool, but I have no idea how much bandwith I'm going to need.)

3. making jewelry

(i'm gonna buy some beads and thread before work tomorrow, and then i'm going to make sooo many necklaces!)

4. reading is magic!

(crime and punishment is awesome!)

09 December 2006


Yesterday, I cleaned my room for over two hours, and it was awesome. I can now walk from my door to my bed without having to wonder if there's anything valuable and/or breakable buried among the mountains of clothes.

While cleaning, I found a post-it with the following written on it:

"Yesterday, last night, right out of the subway, it smelled like autumn for an instant and then it was gone. The exhaust and smells of the city were back. When I got to my building, the entryway smelled like semen."

Isn't that just beautiful? I'm so glad I noticed that before throwing it away with all the other garbage.