31 March 2007

new and improved

Look! I have a website! OMG!

I don't remember if I told anyone about it before, but the old design was lame-o. This one is marginally better, if simple. The picture up right now is from when Nick and I went to the Empire State Building.

cop to it

I saw two people being arrested on my street yesterday. The whole process was a lot calmer than I would've expected, but as Kira pointed out, this is the real world, not Cops.

I've been working on a website for my friend Wael Abifaker for three hours now. It's basically done, or at least as it's going to be this weekend. Tell me what you think. Considering that I did the whole thing in five days, I'm pretty happy with it.

In other news, I started actually studying for the GRE, and I remember a lot more math than I expected. I haven't registered yet as I am scared of wasting $130 and also that I'll totally bomb it, but I'm taking it either the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May. No reason to put it off any longer! So exciting it almost makes you want to vomit.

30 March 2007


In my dream last night, I made up a new hairstyle (it looked awesome) and also lived in Europe or something. In my reality, I paid $28.50 in library fines and went to work. Oh, and I tried to recreate that dream hairstyle and... no.

29 March 2007

dirty foxtrot

So on Sunday, Nick carried our old microwave down to the garbage area because he is just that nice, plus it's not like me or Kira were going to carry it cuz we're just girls, and after we decided to just leave the microwave by all the other broken appliances, we saw this old box of books nestled among the bags of trash, so obviously I looked through them, and as if throwing books away, THROWING THEM AWAY WITH TRASH AND BROKEN MICROWAVES, wasn't cause enough for burning hatred, they threw away a copy of The Handmaid's Tale. Bitches, you do not throw away Margaret Atwood. She'll fucking cut you; she'll invent a machine so that she can cut you from a thousand miles away, because she is too good to deal with your boring, pedestrian blood.

Seriously though, who throws away The Handmaid's Tale?

21 March 2007


So I've noticed that people are actually, like, checking this page every day and stuff (by people I mean I get like two hits a day now instead of none), so I thought I'd let you know that I'm working on writing about going to Philadelphia on St. Patrick's Day and also the bizarro blackout last night, but I spent most of my free time today working on a website which I then proceeded to break, so the writing thing is sort of on the backburner until I figure out what I did. Oh, and I had this post planned about how I'm fascinated with Photo Booth and the fact that I've totally gone fatty (I swear I used to be an athlete, where did this double chin come from?) but then Rosa, the awesome cleaning lady at work, told me I look thinner and/or taller, so fuck that shit. Oh, also that would totally be an anti-feminist thing to write, I love my body, blah fucking blah. Right now, I couldn't play a period of hockey much less a whole game, and that is way more depressing to me than my fat ass. Not that I'm depressed though; it's totally almost spring, and I still love my computer, and also this weekend is fixing to be fucking awesome.

I really shouldn't have started drinking more coffee at 9pm.

16 March 2007

why i love "weeds"

Nancy gets all successful with a new strain of weed, so she goes on a shopping spree, and between buying the expensive purse and the fancy diamond jewelry, she buys books! She buys books on her drug-money shopping spree! This is a show I can get behind.

14 March 2007

do this right now

Go listen to this.

First person to tell me how to buy/borrow/steal any and all music by SoKo (The Sokos?) will earn a million dollars and/or my everlasting love. Definitely one of those two things.

Also! Listen to this.

blatant materialism


I am typing on it RIGHT NOW.

I love it. I still have to buy a case for it, so right now I carry it around wrapped in a pashmina. You know how last time I said I was going to buy my new baby as soon as I could? Today at the cafe, I had this weird, fleeting maternal feeling as I stood there, wrapping up my laptop in my pale yellow shawl. And you know what? I'm totally okay with that.

I get that eventually this will wear off, but right now, my MacBook Pro is making me completely happy.

12 March 2007

teevee TEEVEE

So I do this thing constantly, where I feel lazy and unproductive, so I find a lot of things to do, so many things that I'm busy all the time, or I should be. Then, inevitably, I start avoiding things, whether or not I actually want to do them, because apparently I like having things to do more than I like actually doing things. Then! I get sick. Somehow, someway, I get sick. Back when I smoked all the time, I'd get sick for at least two weeks, sometimes three. This time it was barely a week (I was sick ALL LAST WEEK in case you hadn't heard, so FEEL SORRY FOR ME) but the other stuff still applies.

This is the part where I talk about how important I am, because I have SO MUCH TO DO. Oh god, where are all these caps coming from?

Okay, I changed my mind, I'm not at all going to talk about how important I am.

Kira and I are going to Philadelphia next Saturday; please tell me where we should go while we're there. I'm going to do as much history tourism as possible, or as much as Kira will allow. There's other stuff there, I hear, but more importantly, there's the Liberty Bell!

I don't know why I didn't think of this first, but I'm getting a new computer! A MacBook Pro! My awesome parents are giving me part of the money, some for my iBook to give to Tracey and some just for being me, apparently. I can now sort of, kind of afford my MacBook Pro, but should I buy it now? Because Tiger may come out this month and it may come out in June, and I am just not waiting until June. I mean, yeah, there'll be hardware upgrades sometime in June, but do I really need more than 2GB of RAM and a 2.16ghz processor? I hate to be cliched, but it's the damn 21st century, there'll always be hardware updates if you just wait three months, you know?

Wow, I started off that paragraph not sure whether I was going to wait or not, but I think it's obvious that I'm going to buy my new baby as soon as fiscally possible.

And on that note, I'm going to go sleep, because I have so much to do tomorrow, because I AM SO FUCKING IMPORTANT OMG.

09 March 2007


I think I'm healthy, finally, and let me tell you what I've learned from this most recent bought of gross sickness.

(1) Not smoking really does make it easier to get over colds. I was only sick for a week instead of three, and I did not at any point wonder whether I was going to die, leaving my parents to pay off my student loans.

(2) Staying home sick from work and actually not doing anything instead of trying to catch up on work or cleaning or whatever? Yeah, that also makes it a lot easier to get over a cold.

(3) I have allergies. I'm not sure what I'm allergic too, possible culprits include the cats (I know, wtf, right?) and ragweed or pollen or whatever the fuck seasonal allergies people have. Someone else told me they had allergies on Monday too, so I'm definitely not totally crazy. However, Claritin D was not in fact a miracle cure that made my world suddenly come into focus after being blurry, so blurry, which means that maybe I'm just being a hypochondriac. Or maybe I'm not!

Shit fuck, this is boring, isn't it? Talking about my possible cat allergies is probably even worse than talking about my cats.

Sex! That's interesting. Meghan found these awesome librarian t-shirts, LIBRARIANS DO IT IN STACKS and SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A LIBRARIAN. Sexy, no? That's reason enough to get my master's in Library Science.

(I'm so glad my parents never read this, though how sad is it that even my parents don't read my blog?)

I'm at a cafe, a cafe that serves alcohol, so you know it's the best kind of cafe. There are these three girls here, with Teach for America messenger bags and Coronas (and one Stella!), and judging my those three girls, I really dodged a fucking bullet when TFA rejected me, because apparently it would've turned me into one of those annoying girls who laughs loudly, because everyone knows you're funny and desirable if you laugh that loud, and they just high-fived, seriously, and someone just said "lido deck" and JESUS FUCK. I bet they're from Iowa or something. Fuck Iowa, right?