29 November 2007


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On the one hand, Thanksgiving was great. I made awesome food--a tofurkey, cheesy jalapeƱo mashed potatoes, and baked macaroni and cheese (with penne pasta--the best yet). I went to Nathan's Grandma's house for lunch (I'm pretty sure his family loves me), and everyone came over to our house for dinner. It was amazing; the weekend was amazing. Except that we had Thanksgiving at our house because my grandparents don't have room to host anymore at their new apartment. And they didn't come to our house because Grandma broke her ribs a few weeks ago. And now she's in the hospital and will be through the weekend. And she's doing better--she's eating again and in better spirits generally--but I am scared.

15 November 2007


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1. I am going to write "MA, MLIS" after my name ALL THE TIME as soon as I finish my program.

2. Which will be totally arrogant and assy, but at least it's not S.T.D.

(hahaha std! titular!)

13 November 2007


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I am a culinary genius. This is easily the best sandwich I have made all month. Multi-grain bread, sharp aged cheddar cheese, organic apples (Ambrosia, I think). You know you're jealous.

deja vu

NYU is a dangerous place.

Hey, don't worry, there's a link to the "Wellness Exchange" right next to the article about the eighth suicide in the past four years. I mean, why should NYU offer health insurance coverage so that a student can see a therapist for a full year, or even a full academic year? No, no, that's silly, let's just limit it to 12 visits to NYU counseling and an expensive on-campus ad campaign for the bullshit "Wellness Exchange." The only thing I heard about the Wellness Exchange, good or bad, was an article in WSN about a student who called the hotline and ended up being forced into a medical leave. Maybe she needed it, maybe she didn't. I know that when I was in school, what I needed was enough insurance to go to therapy until at least May and not February. Woops, too bad Marina, you can pay the $100 a week, right?

Woops, this is getting personal. Maybe because I lived in University Hall freshman year and Water Street sophomore year. I think I'll stop here before I get a little too worked up and this gets a little too "all about Marina," because what's important, what I really mean to say, is that I hope these kids' families and friends are ok. I hope the other kids in UHall, the other kids in Water Street are okay.

12 November 2007


Hey, guess what I forgot to mention? This online map guide that I've never heard of is using one of my photos for its guide to Philadelphia. Click on Chinatown and then scroll through the photos and one of them is mine. I have a credit and everything. I am such a superstar.

(Direct link for the lazy)

things are looking up

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I am excited about life. I didn't realize how depressed I was in New York until I left. I'm happy a lot here. I'm excited about things; I like myself, most of the time. Life isn't perfect; the same problems are still there. I had my first anxiety attack in months the day I took the bus back to MKE, and it was quite bad. But I feel better able to deal with these things, more hopeful, more willing to believe that the bad days are the exception and not the norm.

You guys, look what happens when the Packers shut out the Vikings at Lambeau, I get all silly and cheesy.

11 November 2007


The Packers just beat the Vikings 34-0. You guys, this day is awesome. I got some delicious coffee at the Riverwest Co-op, I bought some super firm cubed tofu which they apparently bought after the suggestion I made last month because my co-op is awesome like that, and then I got to drink my coffee while watching the Packers totally spank the Vikings. 34-0! Spanked!


I get to end world hunger AND feel smart because omg I know so many words.

Went to a show tonight, saw Narwhalz and others, it was totally awesome, I am so into noise bands.

09 November 2007


This internship that I tried to get right after graduation? That involved doing research for a historian? That I didn't actually do because I had scheduling issues (probably caused by going home for a month and then coming back and working two jobs and doing research for another historian because omg I am so important look at me)? Also, though, he started ignoring me so it totally was not completely my fault although possibly he ignored me because who wants an intern who is too busy to do any work?

Whatever. That historian wrote the textbook for one of the courses I might take this spring. UGH MISSED NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY FUCK.

You guys, I am so into my new career that I am sincerely interested in networking so as to further said career.

because i am worried that i will forget

He looked at me like he couldn't believe it. Like he had never seen me before. He stayed longer for me. He smiled at me, all weekend, every time I looked at him. Just at me; he looked so happy. And calm. It was the first thing I missed, that smile, that look, that feeling. There were other things later, there are other things now, but that smile, that was the beginning.

08 November 2007

omg time to choose classes

UWM has Serbo-Croatian and Ukrainian BUT NOT CZECH. Or Slovak, for that matter.