14 August 2008


Last night, I had a dream that I was taking photos of myself over and over again, in the manner of a friendless 15 year old who really totally needs a new MySpace profile photo, and then someone saw me, and I was so embarrassed, like maybe they will think I'm lame and self-absorbed for taking photos of myself? But guys, all the photos I was taking just weren't turning out!

Yeah, I don't know. In other news, I am going to finish my paper today. Or, um, finish a draft of it? I'm not going to pretend I won't hand it in like 20 minutes before the deadline, no matter how much work I do today. Still, I stayed home from The Best Volunteer Job in the World, and there's a Dear Astronaut show at the Borg Ward (the borg ward dot org, now that is a nice sounding domain name) tonight, so I had better get some work done today if I want to go to that show guilt-free tonight.

13 August 2008

more more more


Click on photo for even more Dear Astronaut awesomeness. They finished recording, and the rough mixes sound amazing. You will be blown away.

11 August 2008

look on the bright side

I was going to write this post about how terribly sad everything is and how I am so stressed out and OH MY GOD IT IS SO HARD BEING ME but fuck that. Hahaha, "but fuck." (I think I have made that joke before, woops.)

Instead, more Dear Astronaut photos. You know you want them.


I just uploaded two more, and there will be more later tonight, probably. Wooooooo everyone loves Dear Astronaut go buy some albums.

[Confidential to Jeb: Where can I link so that people can buy all your albums?]

10 August 2008

rock stars

Dear Astronaut is working on a new album. I took pictures of them today. Click on the photo of Jeb to see the entire set on Flickr. There are a couple up now, and there'll be more over the next few days as I go through everything and find the ones that are worth looking at.

jeb singing

06 August 2008

ghost foot


I feel like I'm walking through water, like I'm walking on the bottom of a swimming pool, and if I don't get some sleep tonight, I will probably go crazy. Despite that, today was pretty great. I wish the Internet was different so that I could talk about specifics, but my volunteer job continues to be awesome.

Photo is from Melange's first show at Kinni Coffee. They have some shows coming up, and they're almost done recording their full-length album; you should check that shit out if you're in northern Wisconsin. Or west-central Wisconsin, really. I'm not from north of highway 8 or anything.

03 August 2008

holy shit

Originally uploaded by albino_octopus
This is so cool! Click through and check out the set.

(No, I have not finished my paper yet. Shut up.)

sometimes it blows me away how lucky i am

So after doing absolutely no work on my paper all morning, I decided I needed to go to the coffee shop and spend money I don't have at the Alterra. But first, I decided I needed to walk by the new apartment because I couldn't quite remember what the building looked like. And hey, guess what? I am not going to apologize for doing something so borderline weird, because my landlady happened to be standing on the front porch, so I walked up the steps to talk to her, and she was like "hey, I washed all your curtains for you, and also I'm almost done cleaning your whole house, and we re-grouted the bathroom tiles and we're almost done painting and oh by the way, we put up two awesome amazing light fixtures and a ceiling fan WITH A REMOTE CONTROL" and holy shit, I have the best landlords EVER. She cleaned my fridge! And my windows!

And then, after I went upstairs to check everything out, she walked back downstairs with me, and she was all "so are you in love with him?" and I was all "who, Nathan?" and then I started giggling, because I have a lovely amazing apartment and awesome landlords and the best boyfriend in the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

But hey, if this is making you want to vomit, don't worry. I'm at the coffee shop, and now that I've finished freaking out over how awesome my new apartment is, I have nothing to do but finish my fucking paper. I really am so sick of this goddamn paper, and I really hope that translates to finishing it quickly and not having to think about it anymore.


I am constantly trying to force myself to stop whining. Or really, to not start whining. Everyone has to do things they don't feel like doing; if I would just do them already, they'd be done and I could go back to reading the entire archives of random "blogs." This month? Dooce. I don't know what it is, but I find this woman hilarious, and the daily photo & daily style features are fucking amazing.

I'm working on editing & uploading a bunch of photos, basically my entire summer backlog of photos I didn't upload because my Flickr Pro account lapsed for awhile. Until then, here is a photo from last night.

red thread

Is it just me, or is this really phallic?

02 August 2008

hrad devin

hrad devín

Hrad Devín, for no reason. Taken with the terrible old camera I had while I was in Europe. Let me tell you something--if you spring for the plane ticket and the semester abroad, also buy a nice camera. And take more than forty or fifty photos. I look at my pathetically tiny folder of photos from then, and I look at the ten photos I took of the clouds by the Calatrava yesterday, and I just do not know who that person was.

In other news, I woke up this morning and edited my paper in bed. I've basically finished the work that I wanted to do today, and it's only 10:15. Time to go shopping!

01 August 2008


1. I have been walking around squinting all day, or at least all of the day that I spent outside, and now the sun is starting to set, and I just found my sunglasses at the bottom of my backpack.

2. It is embarrassingly difficult for me to make the connection between thinking and talking about all the awesome things that I am so excited to do, and actually doing them. Case in point: I have been sitting at Alterra for at least an hour, wasting time on the Internet, not working on my paper on the Section 108 Study Group Report. I am ridiculous!

3. Check this shit out: