21 October 2009

I hate grading

So, so badly. It is by far my least favorite part of teaching. I just want everyone to get an A, except anyone who didn't study, I want all of them to fail. It's not always easy to figure out who did or didn't study though! Ugh. If I ever teach my own class, everyone gets an alligator!

Alright, time to sleep. I've been slowly getting a cold/flu thing for the past few days, so maybe if I keep doing this whole "eat food/drink water/sleep more than five hours" thing, I'll avoid the death flu.

19 October 2009


I'm still alive. Just not really posting much. Mostly because I've been stupid busy. So busy that I no longer have time for proper grammar, apparently. Sentences don't really need a subject, right? Hurray for sentence fragments.

Goodness. I used to think I was busy, and then I started grad school, signed a lease for an apartment with Nathan, and started the TA job. Oh, and decided that I wanted to start a sewing business. This is what busy is like.

["poor me"/First World Problems/etc]

Okay. No more complaining. I have been in a bit of a funk for most of the past month, and I am a little bit tired of it. I have not sewn anything in weeks, and I just found out I'll be a vendor for Craftacular in Madison on November 28th, so yes, time to put some plans into motion. Recycled wool shoulder bags, baby quilts, lap quilts, cat toys, etc--fuck cohesiveness, right? I will sew whatever I feel like sewing, and people will buy it and like it.

Alright. More soon, but now I really need to do some work.

07 October 2009


1. Time is flying, yet I am not having that much fun.

2. But this weekend I'm going to New York for Kira's birthday.

3. I have a short paper due in... two and a half hours.

4. I have already cut down considerably on cigarettes with the [barely] chilly weather. I don't know why I thought summer [i.e. the season that I spend outside, where I can smoke as much as I want to] would be a good time to quit, when it's barely fall and yet I have no desire to go outside and smoke in the windy cold weather. Nathan and I are both going to quit this winter. I'm thinking we'll set a quit date once it's really, really cold. So, two or three weeks, probably?

5. Should really write that paper now.

6. How are you?