24 October 2006

the world is going crazy

I don't even know how to explain how confused I was last night... I was sitting on the A train, minding my own business. Sometime after 59th street, I want to say between the 72nd and 86th street stops, a guy on the other end of the car took out a pipe or something and started smoking. And not cigarettes, which would have been weird enough but not unprecedented. No, this guy was smoking weed. On the A train! And it was only like midnight! I just... it was so confusing. The guy sitting across from me started cracking up, and I just sat there, reading The New Yorker, trying to figure out if it smelled like weed or possibly crack. I don't know what crack smells like or anything, but somehow it didn't smell like weed. Still, there's no way someone was actually smoking crack on the subway, right?

Then, on the way from the subway station to my apartment, I saw a rat again on the same trash pile as last night and decided I should avoid that side of the street.

23 October 2006


New York is really trying its hardest to get rid of me. Last night, I tried not to scream like a pathetic girl as a rat ran down the subway platform, getting within six inches of me. Disgusting. Then, as I was walking from the subway station to my apartment, I had traveled not even half a block when a rat ran from a pile of trash on the curb to the disgusting little alley between two buildings, almost tripping me. Then! I got back to my apartment safely, managing not to actually step on any diseased rats on the way, which was great, but as I was checking my email and getting ready for bed, a loud horrible noise scared the crap out of my cats and startled me. But guess what garbagemen? You can collect the garbage in the middle of the night, make as much noise as you want, you can't wake me up! I have to work the night shift, so I'm never in bed by 1am anymore! New York: 2, Marina: 1.

16 October 2006

there's doings a-transpiring!

my backyard
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The River Falls Economic Development Corporation (EDC) plans to break ground Thursday, Oct. 19, on a 10,000-square foot building in Whitetail Ridge Corporate Park that will house Rush River Brewing Company.

Soon there will be a brewing company in my backyard, practically. At right, the trees that are actually in my backyard.

That thing I said earlier? About how this could potentially be a huge day? Well, I was right. It is. And I am terrified and excited, all at the same time.

Later today, important communications from the billionaires at Loyal to Big Oil! Stay tuned!

15 October 2006


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Tomorrow--it's 12:47am so I guess it's today--Today might possibly turn out to be a hugely important day.

Or it might just be a regular day. More later.

tiny, tiny apple

tiny, tiny apple
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I went apple picking yesterday, and it was beyond awesome. We picked a bunch of tiny, tiny apples with a apple picker, and then we had cider and cookies and then we went to a park and walked along the Hudson River, and that was also beyond awesome. I really love nature.

06 October 2006

bong bong bong

So today is a pretty good day. My paycheck didn't arrive, but my incompetant temp agency has assured me that it will arrive tomorrow or possibly Monday. I'm meeting up with Kira after she gets off work, and then I don't have to work until Sunday! And it turns out my coworkers are pretty cool, so even the work isn't so bad. I went to Bed-Stuy last night and totally didn't get stabbed, and I'm hanging out in Ridgewood tomorrow. That's two different bouroughs, all in the same weekend! I got some good news about something I'm working on, but I don't want to jinx it, so I won't go into details. There was this other cool thing that happened, but I'm not going to tell you about that either!

All right, that is some annoying shit. My paycheck didn't arrive? My weekend plans are blah blah blah? Some stuff happened that is cool but I'm not going to actually tell you what it is? Fuck me, no wonder no one ever reads this. Maybe I'll just post more videos?

That's some impressive stuff right there.

04 October 2006

shot in the face

Possibly my favorite moment from The Daily Show, at least this year.

Apparently, the answer to the question "what will I do with my mornings now that I work at night?" is "spend a lot of time on YouTube."

old school


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So there were these sheep at the Amazing Maize Maze, well not at the actual maze because why would there be sheep in a cornfield? They'd just eat all the corn. But the Maize was at the Queens County Farm, and there were animals there, and there was this huge pen full of sheep, and they were the loudest sheep in the entire world, so that was pretty funny because fifty sheep going "baaa" really loudly, so loudly that it sounds completely fake, well, it's some funny stuff. Anyway, one of the sheep briefly stopped making noise and posed for this picture and it's soooo adorable OMG.

03 October 2006

yay for youtube

This weekend's football highlights, based on the games I actually watched:

1. The Jets' hilarious attempt at a last second comeback. I only watched the last two minutes or so of the game, but it was definitely the funniest part.

2. The Packers' win against the Eagles. Oh, wait, they lost. Maybe because they gave up sometime early in the third quarter? I swear, there was a point where I looked at the score and couldn't believe we were still ahead 9-7. Fucking Packers.

01 October 2006