29 January 2007

battlestar gallactica=awesome

Actual exchange between me and the deli guy earlier tonight--

marina: [puts 24oz of Pilsner on the counter--shut up, i had a long day]
deli guy: [rings up beer, puts it in bag]
deli guy: for you? [points to beer]
marina: ...yeah
deli guy: [smiles big, giggles] ahhhh, crunk!

...the deli guy called me crunk. I'm not even sure what to say, but somehow that seems significant.

rainbows everywhere

It was snowing when I got out of work tonight and still snowing when I got out of the subway 45 minutes later. New York in a snowstorm is beautiful, peaceful. I walked up the hill to our building slowly, surreptitiously catching snowflakes on my tongue. I stood outside the building for awhile, watching the snow lit up by streetlights. Everything was quiet; the street was still. I looked up, let the snow fall on my face. I stood and watched and heard myself think.

22 January 2007

this is a fuck


There are good things in the world.



I put together a dresser! Kira helped! I have a dresser! I can put my clothes in it and everything! I can see my floor right now! When I finish a load of laundry, I can put the clean clothes away in my dresser instead of in a pile on my floor!

21 January 2007

coffee table


I am really, really tired right now, and I'm really trying hard to remind myself of the things that I like about living in New York City, like pretty streets in the West Village.

18 January 2007



It was snowing a little bit earlier; just a little. Mostly it was rain, but there was a little bit of snow.



For a week or so in early January, there were Christmas trees everywhere on the streets of Manhattan. I'm guessing there's a set time when people are allowed to dispose of them for free; whatever the reason, it was a little strange to walk around the city, passing discarded Christmas trees every five paces.

12 January 2007


First New Year's Resolution--no more apologizing for only writing here sporadically.

I met with my favorite professor in the world yesterday, and it was awesome as always. We spent the first half hour talking about grad school and law school and what I'm going to do with my life, and at one point, she told me I was smart and followed it up with "you know that, right?" Apparently I am (a) smart and (b) really obviously neither confident nor self-assured. But hey, she thinks I'm smart and capable! Hurrah! And I'm reasonably sure that she didn't just say that because she gave me 300 hours of research to do.

(I have 300 hours of research to do! I'm going to spend so much time in the library! EEEEEEEE!)

It looks like my Philadelphia weekend getaway is not going to work out as I have to work on Saturday and do millions of hours of research and also some web designy things. I'm definitely going to go sometime this month though, so if any of you [two or three people, tops] have Philadelphia reccomendations, you really should leave me a comment. I'm definitely going to see the Liberty Bell and the Museum of Medical Oddities (Mutter Museum if you want to be "accurate") and probably the Amish Market. Is there anything else I should definitely check out?

03 January 2007

back from the homeland

I feel like I've used that as a title before.

So very much happened while I was in Wisconsin; I don't even know where to start. I'm running on about two hours of sleep, and I don't get off work for another million hours, so I'll keep this short and erratic.

My sister got into a pretty bad car accident the night I got back. She's okay, thankfully, aside from a broken ankle and some painful gross awesome bruises (one of em looked like jesus for a day or so). We ended up spending a lot of time together and didn't fight once, which was cool albeit weird as the sisterly bonding was the result of a scary awful thing. Tracey is amazing, which I can say because she doesn't know this blog shit exists.

I saw a million awesome bands on New Year's Eve in Milwaukee and had a generally awesome time, aside from two hours sort of in the middle that were just really terrible. Entirely unrelated to the bands though. No details will be forthcoming as it's honestly not that interesting, I swear, but I probably maybe will get around to talking about how I can't write anything in here lately because everything that happens is something that seems inappropriate for public consumption. That may or may not make sense (two hours of sleep, and not even bed-sleep or couch-sleep, two hours of plane-sleep) but probably I'll write more about that later because it's related to my Awesome Totally Non-Cliched New Year's Eve Epiphany (2007).

Dear Astronaut! Guys, my cousin Jeb is an awesome human being and an awesome musician in this way that constantly freaks me out. In the best possible way! Jeb and Scott and Frank put on an amazing show, as did the rest of the bands that I loved and yet am too tired to remember all the names but definitely you should somehow check them out anyway.

Yeah, Milwaukee was really super awesome. I could see myself living there, I think.


What else? I took a bunch of pictures of Dear Astronaut, and Jeb posted them on the MySpace, and people complimented them and stuff, even people who didn't know me, and I did a little happy dance. Go look at their MySpace and check out the photos and see how very completely awesome I am. Also, you could check out my Flickr page, as I posted the entire set there. I'm in the process of weeding out the crap ones so you can only see the very best. They're in the "New Year's Eve in Milwaukee" set.

While I'm linking to things, my other cousin Jason is in the hilarious awesome band From New York City. I missed their first concert by one day (it would've been so perfect too, if I'd gotten home from new york city in time to see their show) which I will regret forever. Jason and his friends managed to create this completely spot-on satire (I'm like 51% sure that's the words that I mean to say) of douchebag New York hipsters, plus they can actually play their instruments good and stuff. Check them out!

I really love my family a lot.

Soon (Probably) : more about Christmas, more about Milwaukee, more about my Awesome Totally Non-Cliched New Year's Eve Epiphany (2007), more about everything and anything

This wasn't short at all!