25 May 2008

overheard in rf

fratty dude to his date: "you don't want to go out in the forest and blast bambi to hell?"

23 May 2008

just so you know

I have a deep and abiding hatred for anyone who reclines their seat on a crowded airplane or bus.

(I am back in Wisconsin, northern Wisconsin to be precise.)

21 May 2008

cardinal zin

I am (almost) sure that I'll write more detailed posts about this New York trip, probably with photos (I took a few). For now, on this, my last night in NY (for now), I will just say that New York is exhausting. I didn't even do that much; I walked around a lot and went to a few museums and did some shopping (mostly fabric and books), but really there was a lot of hanging out with Kira and not much else. And yet, I am exhausted and very ready to go home. But there are still so many things I want to do in New York! But I don't want to do them now, because I'm broke! And exhausted! And it's rainy! It rained almost the entire time I was here, and it's very hard to convince yourself to go all the way to Brooklyn (I'm staying in Harlem, so Brooklyn really is a trek from here) when it's raining AGAIN. The rain doesn't help the exhaustion thing; you walk around all day, get rained on for at least part of that day, then you wake up the next morning and you're so tired, and it's so rainy, and maybe you'll just go to the Met. And then you go to the Met, and you feel sick, so you have (overpriced, but at least you're supporting the Museum, right?) lunch, and then you feel worse, so you cancel on your friends, but then you're standing by the bus stop on the Upper East Side, and you really don't want to admit defeat and go back to the apartment, but it's rainy and you're sick and SHUT UP MARINA STOP WHINING.

Okay. Anyway. My point is that I am glad I came to New York, and I am glad that I'm going home. And I will have many photos and maybe some slightly more coherent words about New York once I've actually left New York.

18 May 2008


I'm in New York, it's awesome, details forthcoming. For now, it is important that you know that I got all my grades back, and I got straight As, and I have a 4.0 for the first time ever, and I am so very awesome.

09 May 2008

homeward bound

I'm going to NY next Wednesday, but first I'm going home for the weekend. Nathan's band has a show tonight, and they also have a new song on their MySpace. You should go listen, and then you should go to the show. If you're in the area, I guess.

god answers knee mail

07 May 2008

new york, new york

Hey, guess where I'll be next Wednesday?


I didn't actually think about the timing when I bought my ticket, but what an awesome reward for getting through my first semester of grad school. There's a chance I might even get through my first semester with straight As. Not that I care about grades! I am in grad school to learn. Seriously.

Anyway. I started writing a list of things I'm going to do while I'm in the city, but it devolved into complaining about NYU within two bullet-point items. I may still have some unresolved issues there. It's okay though, my plans basically involve hanging out with Kira and also sending out a mass "I'm going to be in the city" email sometime this weekend. I will definitely have plenty to do, assuming anyone remembers me.

In conclusion, today I finished this. You can't tell, but there's another orange stripe thing on the back.

new orange stripe bag

more fire


05 May 2008

don't make any sudden movements

This was a weird day. Stressful and anxious but in a tolerable way. I felt like I wasn't getting enough done all day, but I wrote four or five pages of words for my final papers, and I also sewed for the first time in weeks. It went pretty okay-- frustrating and slow because I think maybe I've started to forget how to sew, but ultimately satisfying. I figured out how to appliqué that orange stripe on the front, and I'm cautiously optimistic that it'll be way easier to appliqué the orange stripe on the back. I don't know; I'm very excited by the way that I'm feeling right now. I'm annoyed and worried and antsy about all the stuff I have to do this week (and this month and this year--how very dramatic), but I am not anxious. Weird.

future bag



04 May 2008


The entirety of yesterday's progress on my two final papers:"History can be done by looking at--" and then I gave up for the day. Luckily, I did slightly better today and wrote six or seven mostly not terrible pages about the archives profession. Hint--it's awesome.

I had over 400 views on my Flickr page yesterday thanks to those Dear Astronaut photos. Here's more things to look at:

grey and green



03 May 2008

everyone loves a show

There was so much good music at Riverwest Commons last night.


Charlie played first. He is awesome.


Then Dear Astronaut played. They are also awesome. This was the first time I've heard their new songs, and they are just fucking amazing. Go to their MySpace and listen.

Click on the photos for even more photos of people playing music. Seriously, I went crazy and took over a hundred pictures. Almost all of them turned out decent, which I think is impressive because whiskey & coke was $3, and I definitely had a few before I started taking pictures. And after, but that's another story.

01 May 2008

buenos aires on bush

buenos aires on bush

There's lots of graffiti in Buenos Aires; this might be my favorite.

I thought this would be a good reason to link to that other anti-Bush photo I took; apparently, I liked it so much I posted it twice.