25 June 2006

i'm going crazy

i'm going crazy
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So it's been awhile. "It has" is probably more grammatically correct. Is "it's" an acceptable contraction for "it has" or is it only a contraction of "it is?" Okay, I'm getting off track. As you can see by the photo at right, I'm not doing so good at the focusing today--it took me a little too long to remember that I stuck my pen in my ponytail. Still a mystery is why I stuck my pen in my ponytail. I mean.. why?

Okay. Off track again. Yeah, I basically have four jobs, so I've been, uh... kind of busy. And... I've begun to think that I'm using most of my... what's it called... concentration and focus while, you know... doing the... jobs that I do...

Okay. Focus. So. I have four jobs. Two of them pay money, one of them pays me in radishes and strawberries (and maybe some eggs next week!), and one of them pays me in I get to hang out with my favorite professor in the world and learn about medieval Europe.

Yeah, so basically, everything is really going okay, I think. I still don't really feel comfortable at the new job; most of the time, I'm sort of afraid someone's going to notice that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm fairly sure that I'll either figure out what I'm doing or figure out how to more effectively fake it by mid-July at the latest. I'm sort of looking forward to going to work tomorrow, which is surprising but fairly cool.

I feel like my life is sort of surprising but fairly cool, to be incredibly cheesy.

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  1. just wondering, why does it always seem to be a shorter trip back than there, when you're going insane?

    That would be a generic you're, not just you, Marina.