29 July 2006

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Ever wondered about the exact definition of a crusty punk? This article takes itself very seriously and is also at least 10 years behind the times with its "[the victim] was what is known in the neighborhood as a 'crusty punk.'" Like... seriously? In "the neighborhood"? Because I knew (okay, knew of and was friends with people who were friends with, if I'm even marginally cool it's by association) crusty punks in high school, and my "neighborhood" was a village in fucking Wisconsin with a population that didn't even top 1000. I mean, if that article was from a newspaper in the Central St. Croix News I don't think I would be that surprised, but it just seems weird to read to read phrases like "[victim's friend], a crusty who declined to give his last name," in an article written in 2006, published in a newspaper about the Village, and covering events in Tompkins Square Park, which is like 2 feet away from CBGBs. And yes, I've decided to focus on this instead of the fact that people are doing fucking heroin and dying from it because that's something I don't want to think about for at least thirty eight reasons.

On a lighter note, reason #154 the Internet is a weird creature--This woman is definitely someone I look to as a model of how to be a writer and how to make a living doing something you love, and ignoring the weirdness of me reading her journal, I've never once made an attempt to comment on her blog, particpate in the forums, or otherwise contact this person whose thoughts I've been reading for at least four years. I'm also mildly embarrassed that I've read neither her two books nor the numerous short stories she's had published. I also didn't watch either TV show she worked for, but in my own defense, I didn't have a TV for a really long time. Um... I lost track of why I'm linking to her website... oh yes, she is awesome and her website is a huge influence on what I want this website to one day be... maybe, possibly, if I'm super lucky.

These sites make me smile.

Quoi de neuf? Dobrý den. Jak se maš? Mám se dobře. Mám rada češtiná.

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