07 July 2006

i am a nerd

Oh, that’s right, I have a website. I wanted to work on my writing this summer… I sort of recall that desire, though it’s been so long since I took it seriously. But hey, better late than never, right?

Oh, I am starting this off well. Clichés all around.

I’m writing this on the iBook, which somehow got off-balance. It’s like an unsteady table at a café, tipping back and forth depending on what I’m typing. It’s driving me seriously insane, but I’m dreading walking up to the Genius Bar at the SoHo Apple Store and saying “My computer tips back and forth. Fix it.” Everyone who works at that store is an asshole. Now that I think about it, though, Kira went to a new Apple Store somewhere in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago, a new store that’s open 24 hours. That’s ideal for me as I work a million hours a week.

Speaking of working a million hours a week, I’ve been forgetting things lately, such as my cousin’s birthday. Jason, if you’re reading this and I know you are, happy belated birthday. Again. I sort of have money now, so if you have any present requests let me know, otherwise you’ll get a surprise. Just as soon as I pay rent.

I’m a little scared about rent actually; I gave Kira money for this months rent (paid for entirely by me with my own hard-earned money), and we have a check ready to send and everything, but we haven’t gotten a pay envelope with which to send in said check. It’s usually slipped under the door on the 1st of the month, and it’s now the 7th so I’m sort of worried that somehow it already came and the kittens stole it. Don’t laugh, they’d do it; they love chewing on paper and they really love fucking with me. At least they’ve stopped pooping in random places.

I love coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. I need to drink more coffee. That way I’ll have energy for the billions hours of paid work every week and also the awesome, super-exciting unpaid research assistant position. I’m being entirely serious, I love being a research assistant. I met with my favorite professor in the entire world today and gave her my first research report, and she told me that my report was amazing and thorough and that she’s really glad I’m working with her. She also told me that I don’t seem like an NYU student, that I remind her more of a Smith student because I’m so intellectually engaged. Excuse me while I do a little happy dance.

In short, I love my unpaid job, and I’m creeping towards competence at my paid job. I’m actually starting to do things right and anticipate things that need to be done. I feel like sometime within the next month or two, I’ll have things generally under control, and I also feel fairly confident that I’ll be working there in a month or two or maybe possibly even ten.

Okay. Time to start on the second round of research for the coolest professor who has ever lived in the entire world. Ever.


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    it's all good. i "whiskey forgot" your birthday...that is, i was drinking too much whiskey to really know what day it was...but i had every intention of at least sending you an email. happy belated birthday! no gift is necessary on this end, unless you want to get me something neat and random for my house.

  2. you forget who you're dealing with. do you really think you need to explain "whiskey forgot" to me? i mean, come on!

    also, at first i forgot that i asked for present requests here; i thought i did that in the email i sent. so i read that, and i was like "well, i understand why he brought up presents, but everyone else is going to think he's presumptuous." but then i reread my own damn words and... yeah. i'm smart.