29 August 2006

i love my lip ring

First, for those of you who read this via livejournal, if you comment through livejournal, it doesn't show up here, as I learned when Jeb commented last week. You could comment here if you want, but I'll try to check the livejournal page so you won't have to go to all that trouble. (Jeb.)

Second, I don't actually have anything else to say. Uh... I got a temp employee ID card today, and I think with this final proof that I'm no longer a student, I died a little inside. On the plus side, my hair in my student ID card is super short and in this new card it's super long, so I'll have visual aids next time I need to decide whether I should cut my hair.

Third... I'm going to a Halloween party in Montreal, so does anyone have any good costume suggestions? If I'm going to ride a bus for, like, a million hours just for a party, I better have a damn good costume.

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