20 September 2006


Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and my coworker (her pirate name is Cedar Teeth*) dressed up and talked like a pirate and generally entertained me oodles, until her shift was over at least. I went out to Queens after work and hung out with my friends and their adorable babies. They made me dinner and gave me Polish beer. It was all very relaxing, except for the part where I lost track of time and had to go home at 11pm via the M train to the L train to the A train. The MTA clearly feels bad for fucking with me these past few months, because I made it home in just over an hour. Of course, this morning I had to give them another $76, so our truce was short-lived.

Today, I will work and then I will put the new Peaches CD on my iPod, finally, and then I will listen to that on my way home, and then I will pick up my books from the post office (because my mother's love for me works out to two shipments of books in two weeks) and then I will go to sleep as soon as I get home because seriously I need to get more than six hours of sleep in a night.

And then I will wake up and write something that's not lame.

*My pirate name is The Bloodletter, or Captain The Bloodletter when I'm at work.

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