22 November 2006


SuperShuttle is picking me up in... an hour or so. I will be in Wisconsin in... six hours or so. I will be able to sleep at my gate at the airport in... two hours or so.

So, really, this is all just fucking awesome. I get to see my family, I'm hanging out with Jason, I'm hanging out with Beth and Meghan tomorrow night and probably Tracey and Cody too, Thanksgiving is in two days and I'm trying Tofurkey! That'll be interesting. On Friday, I'll see Amanda who's all glowy, I hear, and Jeb and Scott are visiting for the weekend! We're going hiking! In nature! I miss nature!

I don't know if anyone has ever been this excited to take a flight from New York to visit rural Wisconsin... and I'm okay with that. I love rural Wisconsin.

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