29 November 2006

so tired my eyes hurt

I've been walking around for the past few days, thinking of things to write about here. I've mentally composed the first paragraph of at least four entries, but obviously none of them have actually made it through to the end. Mostly it's because I'm lazy. Also, I'm taking a break from my computer. We've had some good times, and we're not breaking up or anything, but I need to take some time to, you know, find myself and really figure out who "Marina" is. Plus, spending all my time before work on the computer and then carrying said computer to work seems silly when work is a fucking computer lab.

This morning, instead of watching dailymotion.com for four hours, I went ice skating, and I think if I could skate every day and maybe even play hockey once or twice a week, I would be permanently happy. There was almost no one on the ice today, and I wore my very own skates (which are somehow a tiny bit small which means my huge feet have gotten even huger since high school), and I skated for forty-five minutes, and I fell once, but I also skated backwards a little bit, and I am totally going skating again tomorrow. I really want to go skating every day this winter, or at least every day until the free skating rink and Bryant Park closes down.

I also realized recently that I haven't read a book for at least two months, possibly two and a half or three. After I got over the shame, forgetting but not really forgiving myself for being such a damn philistine, I borrowed two books from Kira and decided to go to The Strand as soon as I'm sure I have enough money for rent and student loan payments (more on that later). I borrowed White Noise and Crime and Punishment (the new translation by... their names escape me, but they are totes the hot new thing in the foreign literature translation world. I decided to start with the Dostoevsy, and guess what? It's fucking intense! So far, I'm pretty sure this Raskolnikov guy is definitely going to do the right thing and certainly isn't going to kill anyone or do anything illegal or "criminal" to get out of debt (don't tell me if I'm wrong, you'll ruin the surprise!).

In conclusion, you know what sucks? Debt! Also, credit. Apparently my credit is only "fair," which I find highly offensive. My student loan payments are going to be $200 more per month than my rent, which according to Sallie Mae is generous, since they could've given me a worse interest rate based on my "fair" credit. Fuck you, Sallie Mae. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can make a lot of money really, really quickly, leave a comment. I'd prefer either legal means or illegal means with very low risk of getting caught (kidding, Mom!).

Also, tomorrow, I'll probably remember to write about Thanksgiving break, but it's going to be old news by then, so who knows.

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