27 April 2007

look how you've grown

When I was little, I did gymnastics. I was totally convinced I was a future Olympian despite my obvious lack of talent, and I thought about gymnastics all the time. When I'd walk into a public restroom at a restaurant or wherever, if it was especially big, my first thought would be "wow, I could do a cartwheel in here." (I was totally awesome at cartwheels.)

Today, the nice people at my internship invited me to the farewell lunch for one of the other interns. It was at this nice Mexican place in the Bronx, and when I walked into the gigantic bathroom--possibly larger than my bedroom--my first thought was "wow, I could easily have sex in here."


  1. Good thing you didn't ask your mom to read this blog!

  2. oh...wow...so i guess it's not actually possible to die of embarrassment, since i'm still alive and all.