17 April 2007

math is hard

If I do a practice test based on one mathematical concept and get 12/15 right, but that one concept will only be tested in 2-3 of the 28 (28?) math questions on the GRE, and I'm 75% likely to answer a word problem correctly but 30% likely to answer a quantitative comparison question correctly and -100000% likely to answer a data interpretation question correctly, what is the probability that I'm going to write something whiny about studying for the GREs instead of something obvious about how scary it is that more than thirty college students were murdered yesterday? Or something probably selfish about how I had this moment of panic when I realized it was in Virginia, but my cousin is okay and so are all her friends, so somehow that makes it easier for me to deal with? Or something about how lame it is that I only heard about the shooting today, because apparently I live under a rock?

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