07 May 2007

as one ends, another begins

Dudes, um, so... okay. I may have mentioned that I was taking the GRE this weekend? Once or twice? I've been studying for it constantly, almost as much as I've been complaining about studying for it?

Yeah. So it turns out that they give you your scores on the reading and math sections right after the test is finished (you have to wait two weeks to get your score for the writing section). And I'm not going to tell you my score, because honestly, who brags about their scores on standardized tests, right?

Besides, if you consider that the SAT and the GRE have the same scoring scales, I've gotten 20 points dumber since high school. Gross, right? Fuck standardized tests, right?

Look, in the interest of me finishing the boring drawn out mess that was my GRE experience, let's just say that I now have (more!!) proof that I am really fucking smart. Ha! Probably smarter than you!! I'm smarter than everyone!!! Hahahaha!

Oh, I kid. You might be as smart as me.

All right, good night.

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