02 May 2007


phone call w/ mom yesterday re: mayday

mom: so how are you celebrating?
marina: um... i pay union dues? i'm not really doing anything else to help the proletariat.
mom: we had a meeting today, and they were talking about our outsourcing center in india, and i said "you know, they probably have the day off. it's international workers' day." they all looked really confused.
marina: ha!
mom: so i go "you know, commie workers' day" and one guy goes "really?"
marina: that's awesome!
mom: i told him i was joking. then i told them that on may day, you throw candy at people's doors and run away.
marina: ...what?
mom: yeah, when we were kids, that's what we did on may day.
marina: that's... confusing. of course, you also used to dance around a may pole at that hippie school of yours.
mom: in a white dress!
marina: wow... when i was in prague, may day was also eu day, when the czech republic joined the eu. our dorm was near peace square, and the people from our program told us that the communists and anarchists always had competing rallies at peace square on may day. they were like "there's gonna be a riot!" so, of course, i was all excited for a fight, but then nothing happened. i was so disappointed; how awesome would that have been, a communist-anarchist fight?
mom: yeah, no rules!

also: my mom's favorite poem

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