01 June 2007

mixed bag

The coffee guy gave me free coffee yesterday (AGAIN). I have to assume this means he wants me, right?

After I picked up my free coffee, I went to work, suddenly felt mega sick, and went home. I slept for approximately eleventy million hours, and now I feel much better.

Free coffee! Maybe he'll give me free coffee again today. For future reference, if you ever want to seduce me: give me free coffee, and lots of it. Also! Have an air conditioner.

Double or Nothing is so good, so much better than I was expecting. More details when I finish it.

Everything in my apartment is covered with a thin layer of cat hair. Apparently cats shed? Stupid cats.


  1. Poor Marina with her poor cats and poor free coffee. Some of us, in Buenos Aires, miss said cats and have to pay 1 dollar or less for coffee... So yeah! Take that!

  2. maxwell--the cats miss you so much they're losing all of their hair AND ALSO POOPING ALL OVER MY BEDROOM FLOOR.

    jebediah--YOU KNOW IT.

  3. My mother gave me a nickel.
    She said to buy a pickle.
    But I didn't want a pickle.
    Instead I bought bubble gum
    Baroomba roomba bubble gum.
    Baroomba roomba bubble gum.

    My father gave me a dime.
    He said to buy a lime.
    But I didn't want a lime.
    Instead I bought bubble gum.
    Baroomba roomba bubble gum.
    Baroomba roomba bubble gum.

  4. it's a camp song...with a secret message for you!

  5. i'm so confused!!!

  6. baROOMBA ROOMBA bubblegum.
    baROOMBA ROOMBA bubblegum.

    there went my effort to be subtle. teehee!

  7. oh oh OHHHH i get it.

    and i ran the roomba the other day. it was exhilarating.