02 June 2007

this week

1. I went out drinking twice; both times were lovely. I went to the Packers bar last night, and it was awesome (obviously).

2. Double or Nothing was pretty amazing. I hate to be all sincere about it, but I haven't been affected by a book like I have by it in awhile. It didn't make me all emotional or anything, but it made me think about what a novel is, what fiction is about, more than anything has in awhile. I guess I'm not supposed to call it experimental; but it pushes the boundaries of what a novel is supposed to be. It doesn't really have a plot, except it sort of does, and it's impossible to tell where the lines are between the author and narrator and protagonist. It is a weird strange awesome book.

3. Next on my reading list: Ficciones, The Plague, Slaughterhouse Five, finishing that other book about Prague that I started in MKE.

4. I'm watching Hearts and Minds, a documentary about the Vietnam War. If I do in fact focus on US History when I go back to grad school, it's going to be a depressing 2-3 years.

5. I'm currently avoiding several responsibilities. I need to deal with them this weekend, but I am (amazingly) not very anxious about it. I will finish things when I can finish them.

6. I went on a bike ride, in New York, on my bike that I fixed BY MYSELF. I am clearly mega-awesome.


  1. bike? really? how? where?

  2. yes, yes, very carefully, up convent to the beginning of st. nicholas terrace and then back down.

    twice! once in the morning, once at night. still need to buy a bike helmet.