29 July 2007

just because

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Guess who's going on tour?

Jeb posted 'The Dark Forest' on their MySpace page, so even if you can't go to a show, you should go listen to that song because it is awesome and will blow your mind with the awesomeness. Especially if you've known Jeb for at least twenty years and used to go over to his house and like play in this huge sandpit (?) and you had to walk through a field and under a barbed wire fence to get to the sandpit and once you cut your back on the barbed wire and now you and your cousin are adults or something and your cousin is like playing rock songs and stuff and they're actually good and wtf, right?

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  1. hey, thanks for this! that's awesome.

    if you could though, you should link to the virb page, where THE ENTIRE DEAR ASTRONAUT EP HAS BEEN POSTED, along with the entire ATTIC SONGS ep and a buncha other random crap, so that's pretty awesome.

    Also, it was a sand hill! An entire hill made out of sand! It was AWESOME. :D