09 October 2007

i am happy

About pretty much everything, except the thing where the Packers totally fucking gave up a win against the Bears, because fucking McCarthy decided that "establishing the running game" meant they had to run on every single fucking play, even after it was clear the Bears had picked up on this plan and started, you know, shutting down our nascent running game, and also the part where for the entire second half he was calling plays like he was protecting a lead when we were TIED AT 20-20 and also what the fuck James Jones?!? Okay, fine, you fumbled once, alright, you weren't really holding on to the ball, but sometimes that happens, you don't except the defense to try that hard to strip the ball (it's not like this is PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL OR ANYTHING, why would they try so hard to strip the ball?), fine, but A SECOND TIME? ON THE VERY NEXT DRIVE? LOSING US ANOTHER NEAR-GUARANTEED SEVEN POINTS? Also, seriously guys, 12 penalties? What the fuck was up with that?

But aside from that, everything is peachy. And the Packers are still 4-1, so at least there's that.


  1. i am still giggling. you bitching about football is fucking adorable.

  2. i do it all for you, my almost-23 year-old friend.

    see what i did there? the thing where i remembered that it's your birthday in two days? happy almost birthday, kira!