13 November 2007

deja vu

NYU is a dangerous place.

Hey, don't worry, there's a link to the "Wellness Exchange" right next to the article about the eighth suicide in the past four years. I mean, why should NYU offer health insurance coverage so that a student can see a therapist for a full year, or even a full academic year? No, no, that's silly, let's just limit it to 12 visits to NYU counseling and an expensive on-campus ad campaign for the bullshit "Wellness Exchange." The only thing I heard about the Wellness Exchange, good or bad, was an article in WSN about a student who called the hotline and ended up being forced into a medical leave. Maybe she needed it, maybe she didn't. I know that when I was in school, what I needed was enough insurance to go to therapy until at least May and not February. Woops, too bad Marina, you can pay the $100 a week, right?

Woops, this is getting personal. Maybe because I lived in University Hall freshman year and Water Street sophomore year. I think I'll stop here before I get a little too worked up and this gets a little too "all about Marina," because what's important, what I really mean to say, is that I hope these kids' families and friends are ok. I hope the other kids in UHall, the other kids in Water Street are okay.

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