29 November 2007


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On the one hand, Thanksgiving was great. I made awesome food--a tofurkey, cheesy jalapeño mashed potatoes, and baked macaroni and cheese (with penne pasta--the best yet). I went to Nathan's Grandma's house for lunch (I'm pretty sure his family loves me), and everyone came over to our house for dinner. It was amazing; the weekend was amazing. Except that we had Thanksgiving at our house because my grandparents don't have room to host anymore at their new apartment. And they didn't come to our house because Grandma broke her ribs a few weeks ago. And now she's in the hospital and will be through the weekend. And she's doing better--she's eating again and in better spirits generally--but I am scared.

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  1. Me too. And it's hard to articulate my thoughts on this because sometimes it seems like if you say something it'll come true. It's made real, anyway.