20 January 2008


The Packers lost to the Giants today. They didn't seem to care much about winning, so I guess I shouldn't bother being pissed that they lost.

School starts in two days. I'm not going to lie--I'm super excited. I just finished my reading for my Wednesday class (Foundations of Library and Information Science--so fascinating, right?), and I'm going to do my first readings for my history class (colloquia in Colonialism & Culture, nearly guaranteed to be amazing) tomorrow. They aren't even really due until next Tuesday, but I am just so fucking excited!

Also, I'm unemployed, so I don't really have anything else to do. Related--I put together the three bookshelves I bought on Thursday. I also put all my books on them, cleaned my room for a few hours (I can see my floor!), figured out a makeshift sewing table (um, my desk), used my new (thrifted) iron & (fold out) ironing board while working on (another) set of coasters, and I need to stop because why all the parentheses?

I'll have pictures of all these things soon, but I will leave you with my favorite line from my readings for Wednesday--"one should not assume that it is the kids watching the TV" (Rubin, Foundations of Library and Information Science 13). Remember that.

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