22 January 2008

sometimes i can't shut up

First class of grad school was today.

Things started to go wrong even before class started. I knew the building and floor where the class was meeting, but I did not know the room number. Something was up with the UWM servers today, so for about 20 minutes all three sites where I could get course information were down. One of them finally started working about 20 minutes before class started, so I didn't have to wander around the ninth floor of Curtin, looking for people talking about colonialism and culture. I did not, however, have time to eat dinner. That, combined with my year and half break from anything academic or in any way mentally stimulating, meant that I had no real ability to think clearly or make a coherent argument. Of course, that did not stop me from talking constantly. I just couldn't stop; we were talking about colonialism in India and in France, and I had anthro classes about both countries, and no one else was talking, and I really honestly had something to contribute, and I could not stop myself from spouting off every two minutes, even though I knew I was making absolutely no sense.

So... yes. Mixed feelings, I guess. I was not shy about participating, which is good. And, um, I guess I'm cautiously optimistic that if I do the reading and go to class prepared (and fed) next week, I will not make an ass of myself again.

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