09 February 2008

so this happened

It is very cold in Milwaukee right now. I walked to the co-op earlier to get some hot chocolate (and ended up getting non-dairy ice cream instead, because why not?). As it is very cold out, I was wearing a sweater and a long coat and a hat (one of those ones with ear flaps) and mittens. And then this happened:

marina: [walks down a dark street, car drives by slowly, window rolls down]
creepy guy: hey, baby, you be fine, you seeing anyone?
marina: yes?
creepy guy: oh, okay. sorry! [drives away]

I just... I was wearing all of my winter clothes, and it was dark, what was he basing his "i be fine" hypothesis on? Also, what the hell kind of creepy guy is he? He slows down (after dark in a not-great neighborhood) and verbally accosts a random girl, and then apologizes in a fairly sincere fashion and drives away when he finds out random girl has a boyfriend? I don't think he really "gets" it, and by "it," I mean "everything."

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