10 March 2008

library time is my favorite kind of time

Oh, you guys. I really do love spending the afternoon in the library. Especially when it involves editing a paper that's due in two days instead of writing a paper that's due in two days. Papers are so much more fun to work on when they're not due in six hours. Of course, now that I've given myself time to edit it, I have to actually edit it, which is nerve-wracking. Making sense is hard! Still, I'm excited about this whole thing where I have time to edit my papers so that I'm actually developing an argument. I feel like I'm getting closer to writing academic papers, rather than just writing papers for class. I feel like a real grad student.

And yes, I realize that I am a gigantic nerd, but I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I went out drinking with friends (I have them!) last Thursday, and I stayed out until bar close, and then I went to Oakland Gyros and got food (with friends!) and listened to a very drunk girl drunk-talking to her far less drunk date. (I need a thesaurus!) She was completely ridiculous, but she was also sort of me when I was twenty. So much has changed in three years! (By which I mean I stopped drinking whiskey, so my drunk talking is far less ridiculous.)

Okay, break over, back to the paper.

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