21 May 2008

cardinal zin

I am (almost) sure that I'll write more detailed posts about this New York trip, probably with photos (I took a few). For now, on this, my last night in NY (for now), I will just say that New York is exhausting. I didn't even do that much; I walked around a lot and went to a few museums and did some shopping (mostly fabric and books), but really there was a lot of hanging out with Kira and not much else. And yet, I am exhausted and very ready to go home. But there are still so many things I want to do in New York! But I don't want to do them now, because I'm broke! And exhausted! And it's rainy! It rained almost the entire time I was here, and it's very hard to convince yourself to go all the way to Brooklyn (I'm staying in Harlem, so Brooklyn really is a trek from here) when it's raining AGAIN. The rain doesn't help the exhaustion thing; you walk around all day, get rained on for at least part of that day, then you wake up the next morning and you're so tired, and it's so rainy, and maybe you'll just go to the Met. And then you go to the Met, and you feel sick, so you have (overpriced, but at least you're supporting the Museum, right?) lunch, and then you feel worse, so you cancel on your friends, but then you're standing by the bus stop on the Upper East Side, and you really don't want to admit defeat and go back to the apartment, but it's rainy and you're sick and SHUT UP MARINA STOP WHINING.

Okay. Anyway. My point is that I am glad I came to New York, and I am glad that I'm going home. And I will have many photos and maybe some slightly more coherent words about New York once I've actually left New York.

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