05 May 2008

don't make any sudden movements

This was a weird day. Stressful and anxious but in a tolerable way. I felt like I wasn't getting enough done all day, but I wrote four or five pages of words for my final papers, and I also sewed for the first time in weeks. It went pretty okay-- frustrating and slow because I think maybe I've started to forget how to sew, but ultimately satisfying. I figured out how to appliqué that orange stripe on the front, and I'm cautiously optimistic that it'll be way easier to appliqué the orange stripe on the back. I don't know; I'm very excited by the way that I'm feeling right now. I'm annoyed and worried and antsy about all the stuff I have to do this week (and this month and this year--how very dramatic), but I am not anxious. Weird.

future bag

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