07 May 2008

new york, new york

Hey, guess where I'll be next Wednesday?


I didn't actually think about the timing when I bought my ticket, but what an awesome reward for getting through my first semester of grad school. There's a chance I might even get through my first semester with straight As. Not that I care about grades! I am in grad school to learn. Seriously.

Anyway. I started writing a list of things I'm going to do while I'm in the city, but it devolved into complaining about NYU within two bullet-point items. I may still have some unresolved issues there. It's okay though, my plans basically involve hanging out with Kira and also sending out a mass "I'm going to be in the city" email sometime this weekend. I will definitely have plenty to do, assuming anyone remembers me.

In conclusion, today I finished this. You can't tell, but there's another orange stripe thing on the back.

new orange stripe bag

1 comment:

  1. your photos are so pretty; i can't even handle it. they make feel so in awe that i forgive you pointing out to the world that i said nyc instead of ny.

    i have unresolved nyu issues too! let's avoid the village; there isn't even football yet for kettle of fish, right?