19 June 2008

copyright law is totes interesting

I guess. Watching videos of lectures is so much harder than going to the actual lecture. I am not a fan of online courses so far. I don't really know what's going on, and it's summer, so it's a lot harder to care about school. I'm so far behind on reading for my independent study, or at least I feel so far behind where I'd like to be. I'm supposed to hand in an outline on Monday, and while I have oodles of half-formed notions of possibly interesting topics, I haven't really figured out what to focus on or how to organize my thoughts. And I have to write 20-25 pages by August 15th! Fuck dude, I need to work harder. Or smarter--I read a book called Work Smarter, Not Harder while I was in high school. It was all about how to get more out of your study time, or something. Yes, I bought the book for myself; yes, I was a gigantic nerd. I also bought The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers. I didn't just read that, I highlighted it and made notes. And I wondered why I was so unpopular.

Uh, sorry, tangent. I have been doing all my studying at Kinni Lounge (best coffee place ever!), so there is a slight chance I've been drinking too much coffee.

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