08 July 2008


Finally really going back to Milwaukee tomorrow. I think--I've said that 4 times this summer, but this time I really believe Amtrak is going to take me from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. I really might be in Milwaukee by tomorrow afternoon. I really miss my bed. Also, my friends and my awesome internship and all that shit. I won't see Nathan for at least 10 days, which seems endless; weird since we used to see each other once or twice a month. Oh, but you don't want this to turn into that kind of blog, and neither do I.

I'm pretty excited about getting back to my life in Milwaukee. I like being home, I love my family and friends, but I want to go home. Ha, I didn't even realize I did that! Called both Milwaukee and here "home!" Whoa!!

I'm sorry; I'm kind of exhausted. Time to pack! Or take a nap and pack later!

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