25 July 2008

my new apartment is so sweet

I got five cavities filled today. Woops; I have decided not to wait another four years before I go to the dentist again.

Also, we found an apartment. We signed the lease on Thursday. I (we) have an apartment, an awesome apartment in an awesome neighborhood. Our landlords are also awesome. Awesome! I forgot to take pictures when we went over to sign the lease; we officially get to move in on the 15th, so there will be photos sometime around then. Hardwood floors, two bedrooms, plus a giganto dining room and living room, a bunch of original word work and old cabinetry and stuff. Love!

Before moving, I have to write a total of 35 pages, which seems like a lot, but once I finish that, I'll be six credits closer to writing MA, MLIS after my name ALL THE TIME.

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