30 July 2008

oh what a feeling

Okay, so, I volunteered again today, but only for 3.5 hours (damn doctor appointments, taking me away from the archive!), and it was so awesome! I spent the entire time (a) talking to my awesome boss & fellow volunteers and (b) doing research in the archives. I don't know why this didn't register yesterday, but a huge part of being an archivist that I never really thought about is helping people do research. Duh, right? In the particular archive I'm working in, there are oodles of calls and emails with research requests and very few on-site researchers, which means I get to do real live research! Not just helping people find the right box to look through or whatever; I got to look through press releases and newspaper clippings from the past thirty years! It was great!

And yes, I do realize how nerdy this sounds, but I realized today that I've chosen the right career. Tomorrow, I get to do more work that will involve looking at a bunch of those same press releases, and I am so excited that I might go in early. If I can get to sleep before 2am, that is.

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