02 August 2008

hrad devin

hrad devín

Hrad Devín, for no reason. Taken with the terrible old camera I had while I was in Europe. Let me tell you something--if you spring for the plane ticket and the semester abroad, also buy a nice camera. And take more than forty or fifty photos. I look at my pathetically tiny folder of photos from then, and I look at the ten photos I took of the clouds by the Calatrava yesterday, and I just do not know who that person was.

In other news, I woke up this morning and edited my paper in bed. I've basically finished the work that I wanted to do today, and it's only 10:15. Time to go shopping!


  1. Marina, did you know that Devin Castle (Girls Castle) is by some considered to be the place where feminism was born some 400 year ago ? It was occupied by a mighty female ruler by the name of Vlasta and her female servants and soldiers. Vlasta was known for hating men, capturing them and torturing them to death in Castle's square. Well, I thought I could share this detail with you since you are a history major...and female as well :-D

    PS: Yes, please, get a new camera. They're cheap these days... :-D

  2. That is quite interesting. I love Hrad Devín; it's definitely my favorite place in Slovakia. And don't worry, I have a new camera, two in fact. That's what I used to take the rest of the photos on my blog. :)