11 August 2008

look on the bright side

I was going to write this post about how terribly sad everything is and how I am so stressed out and OH MY GOD IT IS SO HARD BEING ME but fuck that. Hahaha, "but fuck." (I think I have made that joke before, woops.)

Instead, more Dear Astronaut photos. You know you want them.


I just uploaded two more, and there will be more later tonight, probably. Wooooooo everyone loves Dear Astronaut go buy some albums.

[Confidential to Jeb: Where can I link so that people can buy all your albums?]


  1. http://www.dearastronaut.com/elmwoodtownhall until i buy a domain. also you should link to dearastronaut.com rather than the myspace.

  2. oh, and great pics btw. can't wait to see more. did you get any of the pedal boards or the amps?

  3. jason9:52 AM

    attic songs and the dark forest are on their way to me. thanks marina! thanks jeb! thanks paypal!