26 November 2008


Almost time to start the drive up north! I love Thanksgiving, but I think I love vacations more. Not that I should really be taking a vacation; two papers to write and 90 papers to grade. Nathan's going to be recording with Melange, so aside from the car ride and a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, I won't see him all weekend. I'm going fabric shopping Friday, and my mom is buying me a new coat on Saturday! Also on Saturday, I am watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 with Tracey and others. Why? I don't know, bonding? Whatever. It's Thanksgiving!


  1. Change the title to "Dekuji".

    Also, "Thanksgiving" = "Dikuvzdani". A compound word, rarely used in this form. But literally meaning "to give thanks" in CZ.

    Just thought you may care....

  2. I prefer the colloquial děkuju. It was much easier for me to say when I was living in Prague. I could get close enough in pronunciation so that people knew I was trying to be polite; somehow I never really mastered děkuji.

    And that is definitely interesting about Thanksgiving, thank you for sharing. :)