09 January 2009

today is the day i got tired of doing nothing

So after a week of relaxing in Jamaica, and another few days of almost the same at my parents' house, I am officially getting bored. All the baking is fun, but I am going crazy from all the time at home. Which is why I'm currently at the Minnesota Historical Society, waiting for some documents I requested from the archive. I'm impressed I got by this long without working on my thesis; I am not great at relaxing. I came on a whim today; it seemed like the cheapest way to pass time outside of the house. Not as cheap as I thought since parking cost $5, but I did happen to meet the curator for Native American collections & artifacts. She was using a collection I requested; we're going to have lunch sometime soon and talk about "traditional" crafts and such.

I just need to figure out when I'll be in the area to meet with her. I was going to stay up north for another week, but I am getting antsy, and I have a bunch of work-related things that I should do sooner rather than later. I think if I go back on Sunday, I may still have time to come back up north for a long weekend before school starts. We'll see, I guess.

Okay, they brought me my requested collection, must look through this and type notes before my computer dies. Have a lovely day.

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