26 February 2009

and the office isn't even new this week

Sometimes my day job is just mind-numbingly frustrating. I will be busy with it for the next week straight. None of it will be that hard, and I'm not dreading it, I just don't want to do it.

And I'm complaining. I know I'm complaining. Things aren't even that bad. I sold that purse that I listed to raise money for Wildlife Victoria. And, okay, probably it sold because some kind-hearted person wanted to donate money, and I won't actually get any money from it, but I am still really kind of psyched that someone paid cash money for something that I made. That's pretty sweet.

So that's a good thing. I made a few regular zippered purses last night, and it went really well. I feel much better about my sewing skills lately. Sewing skillzzzz. I can notice real improvement.

Dammit. Not only is The Office a rerun, Grey's Anatomy (which I certainly never watch ever unless there's nothing else on and maybe also other times) is not just a rerun, it's a rerun with fucking Denny and that fucking annoying English woman. Today is kind of annoying me. I'm going to go sew.

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