07 March 2009

busy like a bee

zip coin purses

It's a strange thing to be busy constantly and yet not be crazy anxious. For me, I mean. The past two weeks have been this steady parade of work that I don't really want to do (and yet don't absolutely hate, mostly), and I have been handling it. I realize for most people that's pretty normal, but I am amazed by this thing I'm doing, this thing where I just get things done. I'm only barely keeping up with everything, but I am actually keeping up. I started to get anxious earlier because I hadn't finished this assignment that I had to upload today, so I finished it. It's done. I have already finished all the things that I have to finish today, and it's only 5:30.

I don't really know what my point is or where this is going. I'm just feeling pretty good about myself right now.

Also making me feel good: I've been sewing steadily for the past few weeks, even though I've been crazy busy. Pictured above are some of the zip pouches I made. (Isn't that a terrible word? Pouch. Gross.) I've never felt great about my ability to make the top-zippered variety, but I decided to try again after doing pretty well with those front-zippered ones. I seem to actually be improving at sewing, because they all turned out pretty well. I'm really into the stitching-as-decoration thing, though it made me realize that my machine's tension is definitely out of whack.

Oh god, this is boring, isn't it? I sold a bag this week; that's pretty exciting. This bag, which is probably still the best thing I've ever made. I was very sad to let it go; hopefully it will be enjoyed.

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