15 March 2009

i am going to make my own butter

shepard's pie, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Seriously, I'm gonna do it. Probably not immediately, as it will involve the mixer, and I'll be away from the mixer for most of this week. But I read about it at Amy Karol's blog, and she was totally right on about homemade bread, so clearly she must be onto something with this homemade butter thing. Apparently you use just good quality cream and whisk it for a long time until it turns into butter. There are some other steps, including a very messy part where the buttermilk suddenly escapes from the bowl (seriously, read the article, it sounds crazy. of course, i am a little drunk, so who knows.), but yeah, it seems like a pretty straight forward (and delicious) way to get more use out of my mixer.

[On an entirely unrelated note, OBVIOUSLY, I have reached that point where I can no longer convince myself I haven't gained weight. Fuck, double negative. Seriously though, I am fat. (ter.) Must do something about that. Preferably something that will involve both fitting into my skirts for spring AND eating homemade bread with some homemade butter.]

Oh, and the photo has nothing to do with homemade butter--I just wanted to mention that I made Shepard's Pie a couple weeks ago. Heavily modified, but still delicious. Definitely going to make it again soon; that pan of food right there cost less than $10.

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