12 April 2009

exciting news!

[Disregard previous post; I finally remembered that something actually important happened today.*]

My cousin Jason is getting married! To this awesome woman named Sarah! And will soon be a stepdad! Which means I will soon have another... second cousin? I should figure out what that relationship is, my other cousin is having a baby soon. Okay, that's not the point, the point is Jason is getting married! Also, I get to be in the wedding party! Score!

Alright, back to my previously scheduled stupid schoolwork.

*Aside from The Resurrection**, obviously. Uh, also, I think it technically happened a few days ago? The proposal, I mean, not Jesus. That was years and years ago.

**That's what Easter is, right? The Resurrection? Or is it The... Day Jesus Flew Up to Heaven***?

***I did not think this was going to turn out so blasphemous.


  1. Congrats (or is it best wishes? there is some random rule about saying one thing to the groom and another to the bride, because men and women should be treated differently, clearly. wow, that turned out more bitter than i meant it) to Jason!

    Jesus Flew Up to Heaven made my day.

  2. I was thinking of you when I wrote it.