12 May 2009

block #3

block #3, originally uploaded by marinatina.

1. Last year, around this time, my eyes would get watery sometimes, and the top of my mouth would get kind of itchy, and I thought to myself "maybe I am developing allergies." Today, I have been sneezing all day and my nose is runny and my mouth is itchy and my eyes are watery and OH WOE IS ME. So yes, I am pretty sure I have seasonal allergies.

2. I have written 1.5 of the 14 pages I have left to write this semester. That is actually pretty good, as I still have 6 days.

3. I told you I had finished another block. I am a damn quilting machine. I think that maybe I will make at least 5 quilts this summer. That is a totally realistic goal, right?

4. Pretend that I added something interesting here.

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